Jen Vasquez

Favorite Band: Rufus de Sol
Favorite movie: 13 going on 30
Favorite Food: Anything Greek

Why I choose to instruct: I started my journey here a little before the Pandemic and fell in love with Rush-I was here so much I asked to work here and it worked out great! I made an instant community here at Rush Cycle with the staff and the community. I have been an instructor here a little over a year and I feel in that one year I’ve had so much growth mentally, physically and even spiritually. Moving back to Waco was hard not knowing anyone/having a community (community is super huge for me)was exactly what I needed. I love helping others grow and push themselves while having fun and finding that nirvana in the uncomfortable process. Being an enneagram 2W3 and a Taurus, I am very headstrong and enjoy making the space around me inviting and energizing. My love for the outdoors and nature is how I re energize myself and reset. I have a passion for camping, hiking, backpacking (I was an outdoor backpacking guide for a year as well as kayak guide for another) My goal is to finish my psychology degree and pursue outdoor therapy. I will always make the most out of life because I know life is so precious. My mantra in life is “Leave things better than you found it”. In my classes you will have so much fun you won’t even notice your dying! Come party with me on the bike 🙂