At Rush Waco we believe in community and that working out should be a fun experience for everyone.  We like our music loud and we believe that working hard together is far more rewarding than going it alone.  We challenge you to grab hold of our mantra to “Spin.  Sweat.  Repeat.”.

Spin:  Indoor cycling is great for increasing your overall endurance, boosting your metabolism, or straight up losing a few pounds.  In our group fitness classes, you will be immersed in a supportive and positive environment full of passionate riders that encourages you have fun while burning calories.  We love chatting with members after class about how they never thought spinning could be such a great full body workout.

Sweat:  There is a quote that we love, “No goal was ever met without a little sweat.”  You are going to sweat at Rush and let us tell you from experience, the workout is addicting.  You start trying to improve your stats and your ranking and in no time you see huge leaps and bounds in your fitness level.  We promise there’s nothing better than working up a good sweat.

Repeat:  We challenge you to come 3-4 times a week.  Make it a habit and make some friends along the journey.  We are a welcoming community and we have room for you.  Let’s hold each other accountable because the truth is we are better together.