First Timers

Rush is a high intensity workout. Make sure you hydrate well and have a little something to eat prior to class.

Arrive at the studio 15-20 minutes ahead of your scheduled class so that we can have you sign a waiver, set up your bike and introduce you to your instructor.

We offer complimentary cycling shoe rentals, but you are welcome to bring your own as long as they use SPD cleats.

Let us know if you have any questions, injuries or concerns.

The Rush Ride is 45 minutes or 30 minutes if you are signed up for our Express class. The class is a choreographed, music driven ride that incorporates specific movements to target a full body workout.

Each class is instructor led and the instructor will demonstrate and call out timing and the movements as the class progresses.

You should expect some heavy climbs, jumps, sprints and a 3-5 song that incorporates weights for an arm workout.

Please stay for the cool down and stretch portion of the class. Stretching is vital to recovery and prepares you to attack the rest of your day.

Listen to any instructor announcements and come see us at the front desk so we can learn about your goals and experience.

Make sure to hang around the lobby to make friends, view your stats, jump in the post class picture and enjoy the community.

Our classes operate off of song types. Each song will represent a movement theme. You can find the type of songs below:

Jog: The most common song type in our classes! This song will be out of the saddle. These range in RPMs and will also include choreography to the beat of the music.

Sprint: One of the few song types where you ride in the saddle. This is a fast paced song, and during the beat drop you have the opportunity to pull away from the beat and see your max RPMs.

Jumps: A song that will be performed partly in the saddle and partly out of the saddle. When performing “jumps” it will allow you to rise out of the saddle and engage your core.

Climb: This song type will be performed out of the saddle while at a higher gear. This allows you to push yourself while also incorporating choreography.

Climb To Run: A high energy song that will start at a higher gear out of the saddle. When the beat drops, you will lower the gear and double the beat. A fun way to spice up a climb!

Arms: A song that you will be sitting in the saddle for and have a dumbbell in each hand. The instructor will lead you through an arm workout to ensure a full body workout for your Rush Ride.